Runtime: 1h 27min

Gracie and Pedro: Pets to the Rescue!

Genre: Kids-and-Family

Gracie and Pedro are family pets with nothing in common. Gracie is a snobby, purebred pooch who considers herself "Best in Show", while Pedro is a brazen, rescue cat, preferring his dinner fresh from the trash. After the family undertakes a big move, Gracie and Pedro’s brawling destroys the airport baggage carousel, leaving the pets lost and stranded without their collars in a frightening and unknown world.

What lies between the pets and reunification with their family is a daunting quest, packed with colorful characters and perilous adventures that forces Gracie and Pedro to accept what they have in common -- they won't quit on family. Meanwhile, Sophie and Gavin, the family kids, are not giving up on them either, posting a song about their lost pets which just happens to go viral.

This raucous family film will be a reminder that friendship is not only life's greatest reward, but also its most awesome adventure! 

Directed By
Kevin Donovan and Gottfried Roodt 

Written By
Jaisa C. Bishop, Bruce A. Taylor, and Kelly Peters

Produced By
Amy Katherine Taylor

Claire Alan, Cory Doran, Bianca Alongi, Danny Trejo, Brooke Shields, Bill Nighy, Al Franken, Alicia Silverstone, Susan Sarandon, James Kee, Mike Nadajeweski, Shoshana Sperling, John Stocker, Ron Pardo, Benedict Campbell, Rob Van Vurren, Judy Marshak.

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  • Claire Alan


  • Cory Doran


  • Susan Sarandon


  • Brooke Shields


  • Danny Trejo


  • Bill Nighy


  • Alicia Silverstone


  • Mike Nadajewski


  • James Kee


  • Ron Pardo & John Stocker

    Wade & Rasputin

  • Bianca Alongi


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